CDS/Aristocrat Card Reader

The CDS/Aristocrat card readers have one major problem - the customer can't find them.

To solve this problem TCI and Neuron have developed a lighted reader replacement for the CDS reader.

Not only do you get a lighted reader, you get Neuron's advanced features:
1) Metal body
(Robust, good ESD prevention)
2) Flag activated mechanical switches
(Hard to cheat - allows any card material - opaque to transparent)
3) Card slot through entire reader with reinforced card stops
(Allows compressed air cleaning and small coin ejection - prevents card push-through)
4) Transparent body
(Easy removal of foreign objects)
5) "Floating" head
(Head tracks not just up and down, but also side to side on warped cards)
6) Wide read speed
(Read speed window from slow to very fast)

Lighted CDS/Aristocrat reader - Red LEDS

Lighted CDS/Aristocrat Catd Teader - Green Leds

Lighted CDS/Aristocrat Card reader - Blue LEDS

CDS/Aristocrat reader with RGB Diodes (In development)
Blend to any color.